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We know delivering a business vision and strategy successfully has many challenges. You may be busy wearing too many hats and heavily involved in the day-to-day running of your business, not have the expertise in your team or just want a 3rd party objective view.

That’s where we come in.

For example, if you:

  • Need to re-organise your team,
  • Are struggling with attracting and retaining the right talent,
  • Want to understand what skills and capabilities your people will need in the future,
  • Need to formalise your people policies and processes, or
  • Are not quite achieving what you set out to in your strategy but can’t figure out why

We can help.

You may have just started a new business, be growing and want to ensure your foundations are sound, or have successfully diversified your business but need to formalise your strategy. No matter the size or maturity of your business, we can help. Our services can be provided as one-off projects or via an ongoing support model.

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Day2Day HR Support

Your business starts with your employees – if they thrive, your business will thrive, it’s as simple as that.  Having strong people foundations in place will protect your business and create an engaged, supported and productive team.  

If you recognise a need to invest in the people aspects of your business but are unclear where or how to start, our Day2Day HR support will ensure you have in place the right people foundations.  

Drawing on our experience we can help you by:

  • Reviewing policy documents, contracts and role descriptions, ensuring you stay legal and employee expectations are clear
  • Providing HR support for addressing absence issues, performance management, recruitment and onboarding, to ease the load and upskill your team in the process
  • Carrying out our p2e Health Check, to identify improvement opportunities and to mitigate people risks giving you peace of mind
  • Delivering management coaching, to build capability and confidence for your leadership team to better support your employees

We’re passionate about working with business owners or leaders like you, seeking to start up, optimise or grow your business.  So let us help you enhance your business to one in which your employees can thrive setting you up for future success.

Business & Organisation Design

Having a clear strategy is only one part of the puzzle. You need to know ‘what you need to do to make it happen’ and ‘how you are going to get there’.

Successful execution of strategy requires all the right building blocks to be in place across your operation.

Business design is about ensuring clarity on how different aspects of a business (such as operational processes, people, organisation) need to change to execute the strategic vision.

We’ll work with you to understand how your existing business design and organisation structure is performing, if it is still fit for purpose, aligns with your strategy and responds to the ever-changing external environment.

Should you need to change your structure, we can help you create a new organisation design, being clear on how numbers, skills and capabilities need to change over time.

Image of a jigsaw to show developing strategy is like putting a puzzle together
guiding employees advocates of the change represented by people climbing stairs

Organisation & People Change

Organisation change refers to any actions in which a business alters a major element of its organisation, such as culture, structure to operate or internal processes.

Taking your people with you through any significant change is key to making the change stick. Supporting your people in the right way will ensure you protect your business continuity, retain your talent and protect against unwanted customer impact.

Better still, when done well, your employees will become advocates of the change and the benefits it brings.

Sometimes when you’re in the change it’s hard to see a way through, that’s where we come in. We’ll help you to understand the change implications for your people, plan for what needs to happen and when, then enable you to support your people to make their experience of the change a positive one.

We’ll ensure your leaders are equipped to be change ambassadors and the experience of your people is at the heart of how you deliver the change.

People Proposition & Strategy

People Proposition is brought to life through the narrative shared with your people and the experience they have while in work or interacting with fellow employees. It describes what it is like to work in your business.  

Telling a consistent story about what makes your business unique and what you expect of your employees is important for attracting and retaining talent in a competitive market.

Gone are the days of prospective employees seeking a bulleted list of benefits on an advert. They want to understand the direction of your business to ensure it aligns with their own aspirations and values.  

Without a clear compelling vision your people can identify with all your other efforts could be wasted. We’ll align your people strategy to support your business strategy, building a strong narrative to attract, engage and excite your people.

Having a joined-up proposition for your people is based on 3 key elements, each of which we can help you with:

  • People Proposition
  • People Strategy
  • People Policies and Frameworks
Attracting and retaining talent means support, this is Illustrated by people being supported by hands

Examples of Our Work