Our Story

We’re Caia and Jo, founders and owners of partnering2excel, a small, values driven consultancy helping businesses and teams realise their ambitions.

We worked together for 7 years in a large private sector business, during which time we built an enduring friendship and mutual respect for one another’s skills and approach.

When the opportunity arose for us to say farewell to corporate life, during a significant period of change and reflection thanks to Covid19, we hatched a plan (while walking in the sunshine at Westonbirt) to form a new partnership focusing on doing those things we excel at and enjoy.

Fast forward to today and we’re realising our ambition, founding partnering2excel.

Joanna Cragg Sapsford Caia Slater at Westonbirt about
lightbulb and cogs to illustrate p2e philosophy

Our Philosophy

With over 40 years of combined business experience between us spanning small start-ups to multinationals and the public sector, we know the challenges that executing a vision and strategy can bring and the importance of taking your people with you.

We believe people are key to strategic success. To execute a strategy successfully it is critical to connect all aspects of your business to ensure they work together as a whole.

We’ll work in partnership with you, providing pragmatic and outcome focussed expertise and guidance, working in a way that is aligned to our values.

Our Values

Underpinning these 3 values is our genuine desire to share our passion.

We care about what we do and use our drive and commitment to energise, engage and inspire others.

Our Approach

We want to help you and your business achieve your goals and aspirations. To do this we’ll start with a deep dive, building an understanding of your journey to date based on insight shared by you and your employees, your data and external sources. This insight, coupled with a clear and agreed understanding of your aspirations and priorities, enables us to work with you, drawing on our experience, to build creative and tailored solutions.

As an independent consultancy, we can objectively weigh up strategies and challenge your thinking, to ensure the solution reached is in your best interests and tailored to your requirements.

We’ll ensure:

  • Simple, practical solutions are co-created with you
  • Your narrative is authentic enabling you to own the key messages
  • People will be treated respectfully and supported through any transition period
  • You have the guidance and upskilling you need to be confident about the future

We have a strong desire to help you join the dots between your strategy and how you operate and organise your business, with your people proposition and strategy.

Ilustration of molecules represent bonding and joined up thinking

shaping strategy organisational change represented by two people meeting

Our Expertise

We’ve worked in the private and public sectors for organisations of all different sizes encountering business and people challenges at all stages of the business lifecycle.

Jo’s particular specialism and passion is in enabling organisations and teams to realise their ambitions and in putting in place the right building blocks to deliver their strategy. Having a breadth of experience that spans shaping strategy, designing and implementing new business designs, organisational change and people proposition design; Jo likes nothing more than connecting the dots and solving complex business problems.

Caia’s experience is in senior HR roles across different industries, including financial services, heavy engineering and food manufacturing. With significant business change experience, Caia will work with you to ensure there is a clear vision and then develop the appropriate people solutions with you, to support your people through any transition period and set them up to be the key differentiator for your business.

Our combined skills and experience uniquely place us to support you in developing and aligning your organisation design, processes and people strategy in pursuit of your business goals and ambition.

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